Simkiss is a jammy bastard

This is the moment when I had to hand over 100 pounds to Paul "I’m a jammy bastard" Simkiss following our bet made a year previously.

The bet was :

Hey Paul,

Hope you didn’t forget our £100 bet.  On Nov 9th 2008 if the dollar is
less than $1.80 v £ then you win – but if your pound buys more than
$1.80 then I’m ze goose stepping winner marching across red square.

Okely dokely?

So we have virtually an entire year with the pound riding high and then crash bang wallop.  Global recession.  Banks collapsing, governments subsiding bailouts, car manufacturers going under and for some bizarre reason…even though the Americans were massively hit by these factors also…the pound plummets.

Very very annoying.  The fingers behind Paul’s head belong to Megan.  She picks on me 🙁

Having said that, on the plus side we did manage to spend the 100 quid on curry and beer on our night out in Rishworth, so that was good.