Scissor Lift Mk 1

I wanted to buy a z-axis scissor lift for my laser cutter so that I can, well, bugger about really.  Light Objects sell them but at $195 plus taxes, plus shipping, plus all the messing about with import duties and customs I did my usual and thought “I’ll build my own!”

What we have here is Mk 1.  There are a few issues

  1. It’s made of wood
  2. I put a travelling slot along the entire length of the support.  One part of the scissor should be fixed.
  3. I made the scissor arms too wide so that as they rotate they force the support out of the base.
  4. I’ve yet to work out how to make the support bars that will go across the middle.

I have faith though


A long long time ago Ian Buckner was in the habit of making WeeMee avatars for people.  Here’s the one he made for me…


A few years later…quiet a few, and we end up at Halloween 2017.  Where I decided to be a zombie dreadlocked Bucko weemee with the wrong sort of wine in the wrong hand, and no tie.