JuJu Tractor Repair

The latest in a long series of tractor repairs has been completed. In usual style it involves a tie-wrap…and as a new entry into the “crap Darren repairs stuff with” collection, we make use of a brake block from Amelia’s old bike.

Proper engineering that y’know – if you’ve never repaired something with a recycled brake block then you’ve never lived!

Just one more thing goes wrong with this tractor and then I’m off shopping for a new one….unless I can fix it with a rotary washing line and a balloon.

Compound Mitre Saw

I had to repair the arbour and in doing so it was necessary to chop a funny angle bit onto the end of a bit of wood. I tried doing this with a saw but everything was just all over the place….and it was really really really hot. So I got sick of that and bought the beast above! I used to believe that all men had to own a tape measure. Now I firmly believe that all men have to own a Compound Mitre Saw. It took about 4 minutes to chop 10 err funny angle bits onto the ends of the wood pole things. I only ballsed up one of them by chopping bits out of opposite sides of the beam thing rather than the same side. Still, it wouldn’t be a steeley production if something didn’t go wrong along the way.


We had a night of the whole family camping in the garden. It was a great success and everybody enjoyed themselves and more importantly…slept!

At one point the children and I decided to draw on each others faces with burnt sticks. I opted for the Tom Selleck moustache

Scrubbing up

I do occasionally wear suits, but since it was Aggy’s wedding a flowery shirt had to be worn underneath

Breaking the law


Not sure if this is illegal as such but I’m glad we didn’t bump into any police people on the journey back. The wood is to repair my arbour which is struggling under the weight of our climbing stuff