Artists Impression

Before the building of my office was complete Amelia and I decided to create a model of it in Lego. We didn’t have any doors or enough windows or a roof. We made do instead with having a tree on the roof and getting into the office like Bow and Luke Duke and jumping in through the window.

I think we did pretty well considering.


Hee hee, dork alert. Keith is actually a very nice guy. I just like posting pictures of him and saying “Dork!”

Let the flame wars begin

Ed Barker, Live on Stage

Emma and I went for a night out to some dodgy working mens club in Wigan to watch Eddie Barker [ Emma’s step father ] singing on stage. It was ace! Cheap beer, bingo and Ed gave a shout out to me.

“This next song is dedicated to Darren, my son-in-law, for no other reason than he wanted his name mentioned”

Fantastic. Unfortunately the picture didn’t come out too well due to the bright lights, Ed does actually have a face – the camera does lie sometimes it would seem!