Belt Challenge : February

Picked up this bad boy during a trip to Afflecks Palace with Charlie. I got a belt and he got two piercings then we went to the pub. All in all quite an epic trip. I even managed to fit in a Chicken Jalfrezi and garlic naan from ‘spoons.

Mend and make do

My Mum bought me this wheelbarrow a few years ago. I wanted this one because it had a non puncturable wheel and with the number of Hawthorn bushes we have it’s pretty important. Anyway, after carrying around tonnes upon tonnes of stone, paving slabs, wood and all sorts of other crap – it kinda started falling apart.

The bolts holding the lifting arms to the bucket had worn through the bucket and so it was a bit wobbly.

A quick trip to the local hardware store for some big ass washers for the princely sum of £0.60 [ it would have been less but I bought 4 washers rather than the 2 I needed in case the the 2 I needed didn’t work out…complex stuff ] the wheelbarrow is back to being a thing of beauty.

Washer in place
Beautiful man, beautiful, almost brings a tear to my eye