Coat hooks

As part of the house extension we made Oli’s room bigger so he had no need of the bunk bed come desk/storage underneath. We took the bed apart and I’ve been making various things with the wood. The latest masterpiece is a couple of coat hooks for the downstairs cloak room. I used a spirit level and everything, although the second one I put up still looks a little wonky.

March Belt

This particular bad boy, of which I’m quite impressed even though it’s probably a girls belt, was purchased at the Vintage Shop in Ormskirk. Again, I apologise for the flesh.

The desk saga is complete

We finally got around to sanding and varnishing the ex worksurface that is now Oli’s desk. Oli did most of the work with me supervising.

Every time you point a camera at the boy he breaks out a fantastic smile. So photogenic! Anyway, this is Oli sanding some of the batons we will be using to attach the desk to the wall
The desk in place with bare ethernet cable hanging out of the wall beneath it.
Oli’s moved his stuff in, I have my office back and the bare ethernet cable is now a lovely Cat6 socket. Happy days

Unusually for any Darren/Oli DIY projects nothing really went wrong. We hade some minor issues with rawl plugs but I think this is because I was using 50yr old rawl plugs from my Grandad which were none standard size. I’ve now ( sadly ) had to throw them away and buy some more modern ones.

Driving Classic Cars

One of the many very generous gifts for my 50th birthday from my London Crew was a day of driving classic cars.

I opted to drive a Jaguar e-type

an Aston Martin DB-5

It even had the centre console with switches for machine guns, oil and smoke

and a Ford Escort Mk1 rally car

It was an excellent day of cars, sunshine and fun


If anyone needs a very talented builder that mostly turns up, drinks tea and eats biscuits….and then leaves again without actually doing any building work then I’ve got just the fella…

Tea and biscuits on a sunny Spring morning

Magnet thing

Emma was wandering down the Aldi middle aisle and saw a magnetic thing for sticking tools on. Being the wonderful wife that she is – she bought it for me. It sat around in the living room for a couple of months but I finally got around to installing it in my garage and sticking some tools to it. Absolute genius!


Shhh, don’t tell Oli but the Z4 is going up for sale. Oli absolutely insists that I mustn’t sell it, but I want a Tesla…and some space on my drive. It’s got a bit of a dink on the side where I dropped a table frame on it about a week after buying the car – because I’m a dick like that – but other than that it’s in fine working order. It’ll be a shame to see it go but ho hum

Oli’s Desk

When we took down the old rat infested stinky utility room we pulled out a bit of work-surface which was in pretty good condition. I thought we could re-purpose it for something in the future. Turns out it’s going to make a pretty good desk for Oli’s ‘new’ room.

I didn’t have a proper before picture but it’s in the background of the picture of my newly repaired wheelbarrow…still a thing of beauty.

So we sanded it down and we had to borrow Mark’s drill to put the holes in for the desk grommet for the cables.

Next came the time to give it a light varnish so I let Oli take the lead on this bit.

Why he insists on wearing his hood up escapes me. Flippin’ yoof!

A fine job

It has a few dinks in it as you can see from the picture above but I think that gives it character and helps us remember where it came from. Plus, he’ll probably just stick a mouse mat over them or something.

Next step – attaching it to his bedroom wall. Eeeek

Farewell Andy

My old college friend Andy died recently. Terrible news. Far too young and leaving behind a wife and kids. Terribly upsetting.

A few of us travelled down for his funeral.

Four of us met for a quick drink and lunch beside the Avon
before the funeral

Then we went out for a curry and beer, it’s what he would have wanted

Phil was also at the funeral but he didn’t come for a curry.

Gordon had covid in this picture – fortunately he didn’t pass it on to everyone which shows that immunisations are good m’kay


A swanky new restaurant opened nearby called Solo. In a similar vein to L’Enclume and Moor Hall. So Emma and I just had to have a visit to celebrate her birthday.

It was a little pricey, probably about £250 for a 5 course taster lunch for two, but then we did also drink two bottles of English Wine which accounted for about £100.

Expensive as it may be – definitely… definitely worth it.

We’ll be returning.