Oli’s Desk

When we took down the old rat infested stinky utility room we pulled out a bit of work-surface which was in pretty good condition. I thought we could re-purpose it for something in the future. Turns out it’s going to make a pretty good desk for Oli’s ‘new’ room.

I didn’t have a proper before picture but it’s in the background of the picture of my newly repaired wheelbarrow…still a thing of beauty.

So we sanded it down and we had to borrow Mark’s drill to put the holes in for the desk grommet for the cables.

Next came the time to give it a light varnish so I let Oli take the lead on this bit.

Why he insists on wearing his hood up escapes me. Flippin’ yoof!

A fine job

It has a few dinks in it as you can see from the picture above but I think that gives it character and helps us remember where it came from. Plus, he’ll probably just stick a mouse mat over them or something.

Next step – attaching it to his bedroom wall. Eeeek