Building a new desk

A while ago Oliver asked for some space in my office to build Lego creations.  Being the dutiful loving father [ and a little bored ] I decided to indulge him.

The wood was a 40mm x 900mm x 3000mm piece of birch from eBay which I had to chop down to size in the garage.

I completely messed up getting the braces in a line.  I’m really not very good at that sort of thing.

So I eventually went with supports at either end and then worry about making it safe later

Below is not quite the finished item.  I had to wait for a hole saw to arrive and then I added 4 x 60mm holes near the wall to keep cables tidy and underneath I installed cable trays so that it still looked neat when all the kit was in place.

Finally I used a car jack and a stool to lift the whole desk up a little and add some steel supports underneath so the whole thing doesn’t just collapse if somebody sits on it…but I’ve yet to pluck up the courage to sit on it.

Massive thanks go to Mark from #4 who helped me carry to wood from the garage to my office and then came up with the cunning plan of sliding it into place using the sofa bed.