Fan Repair Failure

During the hot hot hot Summer our fan broke.  One of the blades ripped itself free and over time another two just sort of fell off.  The metal ummm thing that was holding the blades on must have just got old and tired.  This is a job for my laser cutter, thought I.

The old metal fallen apart bit and below, my less than elegantly designed replacement bit.
The old metal fallen apart bit and my less than elegantly designed replacement bit.

I attached the blades….

Looking good so far
Looking good so far

and then attached the whole thing to the fan.

yeah, this is going to be rubbish
yeah, this is going to be rubbish

It was only at this moment, after several months thought and planning, did I notice that the arm of the metal thing was kind of angled…to kind of angle the blade and make it move air and stuff.  The way mine is set up those blades are just going to efficiently slice through the air and make barely a draught.

Can I be bothered having another go at fixing it or does it just get recycled???

Farewell Facebook

For a long time I’ve been an avid Facebook user.  Posting several times a day.  Slavishly checking for new updates every second of personal downtime.  I even realised there was a gap in the Android market and wrote a Facebook Android App before Facebook got around to it.  I got a cease and desist letter from FB lawyers but that’s another story.

Well, today I de-activated my account.  Lost interest.  Really can’t be arsed with the banality of it anymore.  If I have anything exciting to share with the world then I’ll post it here…and the world won’t actually see it 🙂


I deleted my twitter account a few months ago too.  So I appear to be following in the footsteps of Eric Cartman and dropping off all social media…well, it is all a bit shit really isn’t it?



My new view

On my second tour of duty at Sky and I’m back where I started with a view out of West Cross House. Apparently this is only a temporary move. We’ll see

Departed Souls

We believe that robin redbreasts are people coming back to visit us. I rescued this one from the shed, and it took a turn sitting on everyone in the family.