Soldering challenge


My raspberry pi revision 2 couldn’t provide enough current to drive my relay board and lift the chickens into the air. See those black and red wires I soldered on? Well now my pi can. My electronics lecturer would be proud of me.

Home made rat trap

After our local rat hobbled off with my springy rat trap Oliver and I decided to follow some plans from the internet and build our own home-brew rat trap.

My willing assistant and his spade

We had to dig a hole in the ground and insert a smooth sided bucket

The bucket...
The hole...
The bucket in the hole

Then it’s necessary to thread some stiff wire through the centre of a corn cob so that it can spin. The idea being that the rat crawls along the wire to eat the corn, spins around and splashes into the water below…and drowns.

Here ratty ratty ratty ratty ratty

I haven’t caught anything yet but as usual I’m eternally optimistic, and if in a few days I still haven’t caught anything then I’ll add peanut butter.

New years day


Our traditional new years day walk. A windy Southport pier was this years venue. Very bloody windy.