Automated chicken winch

Big steps have been made. I finally have the relay board hooked up to a controller, in this instance a mac-mini until I get a powered USB hub for my Raspberry Pi. The wires are now running into my office via a hole in the wall and a cron job is all set up to wich the chucks up at 5pm tonight and bring them safely back to earth at 7.30am tomorrow.

I still need to get a ground anchor thingy to stop the chickens swaying around too much at night but other than that we are so very very nearly there.

My chickens can sleep safely from now on.

The tip run



Queueing for the tip with Oliver as my copilot. This is what every dad is doing on the day after the day after Christmas day right?

Making progress.


I had to move my wiring from the switch to my control circuit. In doing so I kinda mixed up which wire was which. After a bit of trial and error we’re back in business. The above crocodile clip contraption just made my which go down. Quick check to see if it goes up again… Yep. It does all sorted