There’s two things I always buy at the Xmas market. Coconut macaroons… See above, and then a £10 bag of mixed sausages. Mission accomplished. 

Breakfast at Bills

We took a family trip to the Manchester Christmas market. It all started with a fantastic breakfast at Bills. A new Steele family tradition has been born

The competition for Santa Maria

Several people opine that Santa Maria is the best pizza place in Ealing if not the whole of London. We recently heard that L’Oro Di Napoli, right around the corner, was even better. We went, ate, drank and had fun. It was a great place and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I still think Santa Maria is a little better but I haven’t been for a while so maybe I should check it out again soon


It may be a big, bulky and heavy thing to carry around but it really is excellent fun.


Spent an awful long time trying to work out if my smoothieboard was giving me a decent PWM signal. The only way forward was to grab an oscilloscope. 

Once I had an oscilloscope I had to work out how to use it. So I fired up an old raspberry pi. Wrote a bit of python to drive one of the GPIO lines and boom. We’re in business 

Afternoon off

Had an afternoon off after working on a Sunday morning to investigate some DST issues.  It coincided nicely with half term so we had a family walk in Fairy Glen.

Wrapped up




See Ya

Furry little bastard

On All Hallows’ Day I finally managed to bag another one. I think all that time spent watching YouTube videos about catching moles is starting to pay off.