Erecting the shed, again

In an attempt to regain some space in my big boy shed I decided all the children’s toys just had to go. Since taking them all to the tip was quickly pooh poohed by the rest of the family I had to move an empty shed from the chicken coop down to the other end of the garden. Getting the shed back into pieces was easy enough, carrying it down the garden was kind easy enough too. But finding the good weather, motivation and requisite skills to put it back together eluded me for weeks. On Xmas eve everything came together in a perfect “storm” of enthusiasm and mild weather.

Security lighting

I can’t help but feel I’m getting better at this DIY business. I managed to take off the old, broken, security light. Strip the wires and drill some holes and then attach the new security light to the wall all without a single mistake. Yes I know the wall is looking awful but if we ever get around to extending then this wall will be coming down so we’re loathe to do anything about it.