Rubiks Cube

I’ve been able to solve the Rubik’s Cube for quite a few years and do it every now and then to keep the formula/algorithm/moves/whatever fresh in my head. But recently I happened to be in the room when Emma and Oli were watching Arrow and Felicity Smoak talked about a cube within a cube and then did it on the TV. It was pretty cool. So I looked it up and …

The obligatory wine glass in the background of all my pictures!

Can’t remember how to do it without looking it up – but I’ll get there


I did it – I finally did it. I solved a Sudoku. I was up early on a Sunday morning. The house was quiet and the news was looping so I decided to have a crack at solving the Sudoku. I tried a few in the past and just got frustrated/stuck/bored but this time I persevered.

The 9 letter word is “Reputedly”

So now I can do them quite regularly. Still takes me ages though – even with Emma helping. So now we regularly solve the Guardian crossword, 9 letter word and Sudoku. Getting old!

Tilly Belle and Sammi

No idea if I’m spelling names correctly – but we went to Manchester to celebrate the birthday of our ummmmm second cousin once removed, or something.

The Thai food was amazing. My Thai, John Dalton St. Well worth a visit


As a result of all the building work we’re having done I decided to have a massive fire and get rid of some of the crap. When I say massive…it’s been the biggest one yet. It managed to melt the drainpipe on the back of my office. So I’ll have to replace that in the spring time then 🙁