Door Handles

Finally got around to buying some chisels and having a crack at fitting some door handles to my new doors.

I think it went pretty well…

Drilled and chiselled
The finished job. The next one I did had a lock and everything!

I reckon every man should have a set of chisels

and some cool magnetic things to hold them in place


We went to Worden Park with Sammi and Tilly-Belle. Feels like a lifetime ago but this is where the family tradition of baring our bottom teeth for photos originated.

Tilly-Belle didn’t get the memo!

Here’s another example

Holibobs in Majorca

We were planning a three week vacay to Malaysia but finances are a little tight at the moment since I’m still an unemployed bum. So instead we accepted the kind offer from my Mum and Paddy to send us all away somewhere. The kids were keen on a lazy beach/pool holiday so we shot off to a lovely hotel in Majorca and had fun on the beach and in the pool.

Me trying to do a handstand

The kids were most dismayed when I got quite excited by the e-ink display at the bus stop where we were waiting for a bus to have a cultural day in Palma.

I reckon this was probably solar powered too, but I didn’t check

We all had a lovely time. Nobody got sunburn and we discovered that Oli loves Tacos! Result