He, or she, had it coming

The little furry terrorist above has been wreaking havoc around my house for months now.  Huge great molehills appearing in my garden, greenhouse and from between the cracks in the driveway.  I also blame this wee beastie for the stones falling through on my drive causing lots of work and expense for me!

The final straw came when the furry fucker uprooted all my newly buried tulip bulbs.  He/She just had to go. 

1 B&Q mole trap
1 Trowel

Move the earth from a fresh mole hill.
Poke around with a stick until you find the tunnel shaft
Dig down with the trowel until you expose the underground tunnel 10-15 cm below
Using gloves to keep the human smell away insert the trap and wait a while.
When the trap springs pull the dead mole out, take a picture, write a blog and celebrate.