Bicycle repair

My bike has been making a nasty clicking sound when pedalling for two or maybe three…YEARS.  It annoyed me for a while, then I got used to it, then it annoyed me again so I poked at it for a while.  It then started really annoying me so I bought a bunch of tools and took the crank shafts off and opened up the bearings.  All seemed fine though so I put it back together hoping it would fix it, and it didn’t.

I ignored it for some more time and then had an idea that it may be the pedals.  Bought some new pedals and then ran into the next problem.  The factory fitted pedals were on incredibly, ridiculously, hernia inducingly tightly.

So my usual metal pole lever came in useful – as did a couple of blocks of wood and some G-Clamps.

If you haven’t fixed a bike with a couple of blocks of wood, some G-clamps and a metal pipe – then you’ve never lived