Slowly falling apart

My ride on mower that we bought in the Summer that we bought the house is slowly falling apart. It’s hit trees and walls. Been ridden with 5 people clinging to it all over the place. The starter mechanism is held on with a tie-wrap, the collection tube is held on with a bungee chord and the front of the body work has fallen off. Now as you can see from above the skirt has snapped on it. It may be time for a shiny new one!


Took this picture during our relatively mild Winter. The picture was taken using the camera on the iPhone 4S.

My Ma’s first ever car

I was taking the children for a fun Saturday morning out at the car wash [ yeah I know how to show my kids a good time ] when we spotted this Hillman Imp. It was the first car my Mum ever had. Made me smile. As a child I used to sniff the exhaust pipe whilst the car was running. Ahh, the innocence of 70s children.

New chickens, maybe

After my recent run in with the chicken seller who wanted a ridiculous amount of cash for some more chickens [ to feed to Mr Fox ] I decided to grow my own.

Incubator and eggs from ebay – let’s see how this works out then!

Hawthorn update

Finally chopped them all down one side…and more importantly tidied all the branches away and nearly got around to burning them all. Chopping hawthorns is a nightmare of a job