House Extension

We’ve finally got around to building the extension to our house that we’ve always talked about. This extension must be about 12 years in coming. The back of the house was always a mess with quite a pokey kitchen, a rather terrible leaky conservatory and as it happens a rat corpse and faeces infested utility room.

No messing about

The bit where the pink wall is was the utility room. I was in the garage when I heard a bunch of burly builders screaming like girls and gagging. Turns out there were a couple of rat corpses in the roof space and loads and loads of rat poo. It was pretty disgusting. It always did smell a bit funky in that room now that I think of it.

Doing their best to wreck my garden

So now the Steele family must eat their dinner in the garage, or on the living room floor. It’s only temporary…it’s only temporary…it’s only temporary.

Because the kitchen has been wrecked we’ve had to move essential stuff into the wooden floor room. The fridge and microwave are in there. We still have a tiny bit of kitchen left so we still kind of have a cooker and dishwasher and a washing machine. But that’ll be gone soon too…then it will definitely be takeaways!

To cheer ourselves up [ well, me and Oli anyway ] we bought a drone to play with…ahem to document the progress of the build.

It’s a bit over exposed, we didn’t quite have the hang of the camera at this point

So we’ve now got the drains in, poured the concrete, built some walls and got some steel in.

It’s really quite a big chunk on the back of the house!

Hopefully this week some more steel will go in and the roof beams will be put in. Weather permitting we may even have a roof on this week!