A bit of an adventure with Daisy

I had to drop my car off in Wigan to get the roof fixed and Daisy needed some hoooman company. So I googled whether or not dogs are welcome on trains [ they are ] and then off we went.

Daisy snoozing in the footwell. She really is a good dog…apart from the mud on the seat that she spread there.

We had a bit of time to kill in Wigan waiting for the train to Parbold so I got a sausage roll for the walk home and a sausage butty to eat then. Daisy, with her constant stare that just bores into your soul had the lions share of the butty.

Then onto the train to Parbold

Plenty of space up North

and then a nice long walk across the fields and back home. We were both properly tired when we got home. Daisy was mostly tired from carrying sticks