I got invited to go on a bit of a sail around Croatia. I was unsure for a while but at the last minute decided it sounded like a stellar idea. Unfortunately we were picking the boats up on the Saturday but the only flight I could get would put me in Dubrovnik on the Wednesday before. So a few days in Dubrovnik it was.

Walking the walls of Dubrovnik, with the obligatory early morning livener.

After the pretty tiring walk around the walls [ steps soooooo many steps ] I opted for some breakfast and it was served with black olives. This is my kind of country.

Pretty sure the rest of that day was spent snoozing and hanging out with the two Josh’s and Amber.

The following day I decided to have lunch at the top of the mountain overlooking the city. It was a little expensive to get up there [ 25 euros for a 3 minute journey ] but the sights were stunning and the meal wasn’t actually that expensive for Dubrovnik.

Due to me being a complete idiot I only booked my apartment until Friday morning. I kinda messed up my dates. So I had to pack up all my stuff and check in to a new apartment for a night. In doing so I left my razor and body wash in the first apartment and I now haven’t had a shave in four days.