Setting Sail

Having been in Dubrovnik for three days I was pretty ready to get out of the place. Beautiful buildings, excellent restaurants and lots of stuff to do and see but there were so many tourists it became a little annoying, and this was in the quiet season.

We had a final lunch and a few beers on the main street and headed out to ACI Marina Dubrovnik to collect our 45ft Catamaran Tuvalu.

Berthed in ACI Dubrovnik
Sunj Beach. We all got a bit wet getting out of the tender and we managed to get a line stuck around the propellor and Josh fell over and submerged dragging the dinghy onto the beach. Other than that it all went smoothly.

Ston. Fantastic walls and fort. Excellent hike. Photos in the next post
Okuklje. This is where we did the e-foiling and got a “free” mooring as long as we ate in the restaurant. We should have just paid the 50 euros mooring fee rather than dropping 250 euros in the restaurant. Especially given that we have a boat absolutely full of food.