During the electrical safety check that had to be done ( to get the certificate for the electrics in the house ) the power supply went on and off quite a few times. Because I’m an idiot I didn’t turn off all my networking gear at the plug. So when all the power eventually came back on my Unifi switch didn’t 🙁

A quick google/amazon search revealed you can’t buy these things anymore. A search on eBay then revealed that they’re about £200 for a replacement. After much consideration and pissing about with a spare switch I had I eventually came to the conclusion that it really didn’t have to be a Unifi switch. All I really needed was a switch capable of delivering PoE.

Enter stage left….a Netgear switch for £50

So the main part of this blog post isn’t that I bought a Netgear switch. It’s that I used my Ryobi tools to cut a hole in my network layout boards and slotted the switch in so that the ports popped out of the front. Then Amelia and I took some beading we had lying around and cut it to shape to make some nice edging. Then I used my nailgun to make an utter mess of mounting it. I may well remove the nails and mount it with glue instead.